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It’s quite surprising that every now and then we feel the urge to wash our hands. Or get rid of the little ‘elves’ who have been busy in our mouths. Or spit out the shampoo that has (by accident?) found a way in between our lips. What should we do in those circumstances?

Yes, there are people who feel good about spitting on the floor of a lift or hall. It may seem strange but what should one do when there is simply no place at home where one can quite happily spit? It may be that the greasy handprints appear on the doors of lifts and walls of halls for that very same reason.

A solution for that problem is easier than we imagine – we must bring a sink into our homes. We are not going to tell you what the sink should be like (that’s up to you!) but we displayed some sinks here for you and if you feel they are no good, you can check out some more in our Catalogue Products section! 

Gemy 6011 Gemy 6176
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