Catalogue Products

Catalogue Products


Once upon a beautiful day I happened to wander around in the bathroom. It’s hard to say today, what made me do it. Maybe it was the break of spring or maybe some significant sports news. But that’s not important at all. The important thing is that I made a number of discoveries there.
First I discovered that in addition to the bath and shower cabin, a mirror had made its appearance in the bathroom. It was not very difficult to discover, in fact, for a quick mathematical analysis proved that there can be only one I. And, thus, the other thing facing me could be only my reflection. And in order to be reflected, one needs a mirror. E.W.N.P. (Exactly What We Needed to Prove.)
Still very much under the influence of my discovery, I made another discovery – a toilet seat has occupied some space in the corner. It may be that it had been there for some time already. But… and then Bang! Bang! Bang! – sink (or “washbasin” according to the latest fashion), tap (even two!) and cupboard were discovered in a blink of an eye. Well, that was a surprise!

What can we learn from it?
Firstly, take some time to wander around in your bathroom (or study the project). Did you discover anything?
Secondly, if the volume of the discoveries remained below desired or you even came up with no discoveries at all, go check out the homepage of La Spa – who knows, you may discover something interesting there ;)
And thirdly – let us know about your discoveries! Then we can make some calculations and tell you how much you need to work or collect dividends in order to turn the discovery on the La Spa homepage into a material asset in your bathroom.

Catalogue Products gives more info about the product selection of our partner-factories (there is just a small selection in La Spa's main Products list).

La Spa co-operates with 4 factories: 

NeoQi – baths and energy cocoons.

Orans – baths, shower cabins and -walls, shower rooms, steam rooms, massage panels, furniture, faucets.
NB! It is important to notice that Orans' sales policy requires min 5pcs order for every model.

Gemy - baths, shower cabins and -walls, shower rooms, steam rooms, massage panels, furniture, faucets, ceramic basins.
NB! Gemy water toilets are produced according to USA standards and thus can not be installed in Europe.

DecoBay – baths, shower cabins and -walls, shower rooms, steam rooms.

You are welcome to send info request for us! Just for information: there is at least a 2,5 months delivery time to "Catalogue Products" of Orans, Gemy and DecoBay.