Shower Cabins

NB! All LaSpa shower cabins can be installed without shower tray also!

Andante XXI Forte Nuevo Adagio Nuevo Secco Giusto
Breve Forte Giusto Adagio Piano Giusto
Lento Giusto Vivace Giusto

When I was a small boy, I was forced to take a bath each week (to wash myself). That was clearly way too much. The only consolation was that I had to wash my hair just twice a month.

Now nobody can tell me when to wash myself and I take a shower… every day. Quick and tidy and it feels damn good when your body just oozes cleanliness. Especially on a hot Estonian summer, when after a day of business you get the unpleasant feeling of being made of modelling paste.

The problem you can get with taking a shower is that the place may be flooded with water afterwards. But this must be the reason why a wise man once invented the shower cabin. (By the way, the whirlpool was invented by a man wanting to heal his ailing grandfather’s stiff body and weary soul. And as the story goes, this grandfather had even been able to hunt after that healing experience (although by now he has long passed to heavenly hunting grounds).

And more – do you know that it is best to sing in the bathroom while standing under the shower, because it sounds just like in opera. It truly does! Check it out, you do not even need to have a diploma from the Music Academy for that!