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I once made an important decision that a massage panel must be mounted into a shower cabin. Firstly, a mixer and a shower you need anyway. And a shelf for soap and sponge. Secondly, it must be beautiful. Some guys even fit stained floorboards into their garages, why on earth then should a shower cabin be less important? And thirdly, after a hefty dose of sweating in steam or soaking under shower it is just a great feeling when strong thin jets of water prod and knead your body. True, a damaged brachialis will not be healed by the massage panel. But even a cow provides “just” milk and meat and calves and manure and horns, although should preferably also keep an eye on children and be able to fly.

Now I am very satisfied. I last used my panel’s massage function… hmm, it must have been in February (it is August now). But you do not have to watch TV every day, be its diagonal even a kilometre wide.


Re La Si