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On an average I take a bath once a month. And sometimes I even wash myself there. It is true that you do not have to wash yourself in a bath – you can just sit there and splash around or sip champagne. You can even travel around the world in a bath, as testified by this picture opening here. Because of utmost importance with each object is that its user should employ it in a manner best suited just for him or her.

It is certainly not obligatory to personally own a bath. However, it would be rather weird to knock on your neighbour’s door, year in-year out, and say: “Pardon me, but I would like to inspect the joint junctures of your bathroom again.” And at the same time let him wonder behind the closed bathroom door why inspecting the joint junctures always takes you so long and why the bath always gets so wet…

In short – whose bath you use and what you do there – is none of our business. Nevertheless, we would love to make it our business to find you a truly beautiful, comfortable, reliable and nicely priced bath bearing the LaSpa logo.

ROMANZA XXI (150x150)
OPERA (145x145)
OPERETTA (130x130) 
CORDA 160x80, 170x85 
CODA (149x95)
MINUETTO (150x81)
LAGO (181x90)
SOLO (152x79)
CAPPELLA (175x90)
NONETTO XXI (170x85)
SANCTUS (152x81)