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Warranty Conditions


Warranty Conditions for LaSpa Products

1. Validity of Warranty

1.1. The Warrantor provides the product with a warranty according to the current warranty conditions on the territory of the Estonian Republic.
1.2. The warranty determined by the current warranty conditions do not foreclose the consumer to exercise any other rights arising from valid legal acts.
1.3. The warranty period for a shower cabin, whirlpool or massage panel is 24 months.
1.4. The warranty period becomes effective from the moment the invoice/sales receipt is issued and the product is transferred to the consumer. In case of repairs carried out during the product warranty period, the warranty period is prolonged by the number of days the product was undergoing warranty repairs.

2. Scope of Warranty

2.1. Warranty covers elimination of production, material and construction defects that become evident during the warranty period, by an authorised repair shop specified on the warranty coupon, to enable the consumer to employ the purchased product for its intended use.
2.2. Warranty does not cover:

  •  Normal wear-and-tear from the intended use of the product (including the mixer lift of the massage panel, shower, catches of the shower corner doors or replacement of the bath’s lightning element);
  •  Defects which have arisen after transferring the product to the consumer and are caused by:
    • faulty or unintended use of the product, as well as by faulty maintenance, installation or connection of the product;
    • absence of a functioning up to date filter in the building's water system;
    • connecting the product to an improper or temporary power, water or sewage system;
    • poor usage conditions, as well as by lightning, corrosion or electrolysis;
    • transportation damages unrelated to the Warrantor;
  •  Defects that have arisen after the product has been transferred to the consumer:
    • if the product has been repaired at a repair shop not included in the list of authorised repairers shown on the warranty coupon;
    • if an unbiased expert opinion determines that the defect does not go under warranty;
    • faulty activity or inactivity of the consumer.

2.3. The maintenance work recommend in the user manual (cleaning of the product, regulation) is not carried out in the course of warranty repairs.
2.4. The warranty does not extend to costs or damages unrelated to the product, which have arisen connected to a product malfunction or halt.

3. Consumer Rights

3.1. Under the current warranty conditions the consumer has a right to demand free of charge repairs of the purchased product or its replacement in case the repairs do not give the desired results.
3.2. The consumer has a right to demand upon the appearance of a defect a return of the product instead of its repairs and a return of the purchase price only in case the defect is a major one, the repair of which would not give the desired results, or in case the warranty repairs are repeatedly not carried out as required. Upon repurchase of a product its purchase price is returned to the consumer in full.
3.3. The consumer has a right to get a new warranty to the replaced product or a product part, with an equal duration of the original sales warranty.

4. Order of Exercising the Consumer Rights

4.1. Upon the appearance of a product defect the usage of the product must be immediately discontinued and within 5 days the consumer must contact any of the authorised repair shops listed on the warranty coupon.
4.2. In order to exercise the rights provided by the current warranty the consumer must present to the authorised repair shop the following documents:

  •  the proper original sales document and
  •  a properly filled-in warranty coupon

4.3. Warranty repairs are carried out within a reasonable amount of time after contacting the authorised repair shop.
4.4. In order to carry out warranty repairs a free work zone is required (0.6 m around the product).